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Laser cutting machine system includes the several parts

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Takeaway: laser cutting machine system includes several parts? 1, for the purpose of the laser cutting machine, laser generator, except for a few occasions using YAG solid state laser, the vast majority of the electric - Light conversion efficiency is higher and higher output power of CO2 gas laser. Due to the laser cutting to beam quality requirement is very high, so not all of the laser can be used for cutting. 2, CNC cutting machine is made up of three parts, namely the workbench ( Generally for precision machine tool) And beam transmission system ( Sometimes called outside light path, namely the laser beam to reach artifacts within the entire optical path before transmission optical and mechanical components of the light beam) And the computer numerical control system. According to cutting ark and workbench relative motion way, can be divided into the following three types: ( 1) In the process of cutting, light beam ( By cutting torch injection) And workbench are mobile, general beam along the Y to move, the workbench to move in X. ( 2) In the process of cutting, only the light beam ( Cutting torch) Mobile, workbench does not move. ( 3) In the process of cutting, only moving workbench and beam ( Cutting torch) Is stationary. 3, 5 axis machine sometimes met in industrial production need cutting problem of three dimensional components, while two axis, three axis laser cutting machine can cut the two-dimensional plane artifacts, which requires cutting machine equipped with a manipulator, namely five-axis machine. 4, laser cutting machine, the mechanical model of complex shape workpiece with mechanical method out of the hole, then use laser cutting method to cut out the edges and need long cutting lines.
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