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JNC - 1080 s high speed engraving and milling machine technical characteristics are introduced

by:Transon     2020-04-23
JNC - 1080 s high-speed carved milling machine body adopts meehanite cast iron, to eliminate residual stress after aging treatment, ensure the machine high rigidity and stability. Three axis transmission adopts Germany imported linear guide, ball screw and Taiwan and install the bevel pairs of ball screw bearing, ensure the machine tool positioning accuracy and repeat precision. Reasonable electric control system, electrical components adopt international famous manufacturers products, completely isolated control power supply and the motor power supply, avoid interference electric current, electric control system stability. JNC - 1080 s high speed engraving and milling machine is suitable for large and medium-sized metal mold, aluminum alloy mold, precision copper male, large hand-board model, large fixture, fixture, aluminum alloy parts processing. Model parameter table STANDARD model ACCESSORIES ITEMJNC - 1080S X。 Y. Z three-axis stroke Axis traver1000 x 800 x 300 mm size Table Table size1000 x 800 mm workbench maximum bearing Max loading power Spindle motor5 capacity500kg Spindle. 5 kw Spindle speed Spindle speed24000rpm Tool specification Tool shankER25 Rapid displacement speed Rapid traverse12000mm/min Cutting feed speed Cutting feedrate8000mm/min position precision Orientation precision0. 01 mm Repeat Repeat positioning accuracy precision0. 005 mm machine Total power Total power10kw machine size ( Length x width x height) Size2350 x 2300 x 2050 mm Machine net Machine net weigth4500kg
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