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How to deal with the situation that stone engraving machines often break knives?

by:Transon     2020-03-09
Generally, stone engraving machines will not have any difficult problems in the process of use, but some special situations will not be ruled out. The phenomenon of stone engraving machine cutting is encountered by many users in the process of use, so you don't have to worry too much, you can solve it according to the following methods. 1. Whether the carving material is consistent with the cutter. Is it caused by too hard carving materials and too soft cutting tools. For example, it is strange to carve stone with wood cutting tools and keep cutting. It is not feasible to carve jadeite with tools for carving soft stones. Solution: before purchasing the tool, please be sure to explain to the customer service staff the use of the tool you purchased. If the above conditions occur during the production process, the tool should be replaced in time. 2. The problem of carving depth and speed. This is an extension of the previous reason. When carving with many hard materials, due to the addition of carving depth and speed, many cutting tools actually cannot bear this strength. Solution: slow down, carve in layers, and lower the knife layer by layer, so as to avoid the problem of breaking the knife as much as possible. 3. Whether the tool installation is accurate. Many customers begin to operate the equipment before they fully learn to install the tools. The tool is not installed correctly and is not vertical, so it must be broken. Solution: telephone communication with factory technicians, or self-study tool installation. 4. Whether the clamping opening of the installation tool is clean. Whether there is damage. If there is a problem with the clamping opening, there will also be inaccurate tool installation and non-vertical situations. It is very necessary to do a good job of checking and then installing tools. This situation especially often occurs in woodworking stone engraving machines and other equipment. 5. Finally, it is the relevant factors of carving the surrounding environment. Whether there is a source around and whether the voltage provided is stable. Whether the path of factors related to the control system is smooth and the priority mode is correct will directly affect the starting speed of the machine tool. The higher the starting speed, the easier it will be to generate vibration, which will easily lead to knife breakage. Solution: before processing, you must carefully check the condition of the machine and the working environment! The good running state of the machine is the guarantee for your efficient work! The above five points are basically the reasons and treatment methods for stone engraving machines to often break knives. Do you understand? In addition to analyzing the reasons why Stone engraving machines often break knives, the above content also tells everyone how to solve the problem is the most effective.
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