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How to correctly connect the ground wire when using the engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-03-04
All users can see how the engraving machine works. When using the engraving machine, you need to pay attention to every detail. There is a very important problem about the engraving machine is the process of connecting the ground wire in use. The following is the step of connecting the ground wire of the engraving machine. When we use the engraving machine, we are often caught up with some minor problems. Then, we often feel at a loss at this time. When calling the manufacturer, the manufacturer often asks, is there a ground wire? At this time, we will think that the ground wire does not have much effect, so when we connect the ground wire, we find that some minor problems have been solved. So, how do we correctly connect the ground wire? 1. Prepare 3 3*30 long 2. For angle steel of 5 meters, dig 3 pits with a depth of 30 centimeters on the ground at intervals of 3 meters, and then pile the angle steel into the ground. Then use 3*30 hot-dip galvanized flat steel to connect them with electric welding, and the welding is required to be lapped. 2. Measure the ground resistance of the net with a measuring instrument. The resistance is zero or below 4 ohms and can reach below 4 ohms, indicating that the grounding device is qualified. You can safely draw the grounding wire from above. 3. Drill a 8mm hole at the top of the lead-out flat iron, file around the hole, and then tighten the wire and flat iron. 4. Finally, the wire is introduced into the user's wire slot to increase a safe grounding wire in the power grid. Sometimes if you don't have a grounding wire, there will be many unexpected problems! I can't even know why! The above is the correct step to connect the ground wire for the engraving machine. You can refer to the above method to connect the ground wire for your engraving machine.
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