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How to correctly choose multistep engraving machine tool!

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Multistep engraving machine more and more used in woodworking industry, both common woodworking engraving machine and multistep woodworking engraving machine for cutting tool was an unavoidable choice, then how to correctly select and use tools to play multiple process engraving machine engraving machine performance, improve the efficiency? Engraving machine tools multistep engraving machine tools to a certain extent determines the quality and carving effect of carving processing. Multistep engraving machine need with good quality and suitable tool to carving out high quality products. Below we from the cutting tool material, cutting tool type, processing parameters and grinding technology know about the factors that affect carving. Tool sharpness and mirror effect influence cutting force. Knife is sharp, processing the smaller resistance, the machine drive, the more smooth, the surface quality is higher, but the less tool durability, so choose a good tool rod material is the key. Is the key element of a cutting tool grinding quality of finishing grinding wheel. Good quality cutting edge grinding wheel can be polished out delicate mirror, can effectively improve the durability of cutting tools and sharpness. High quality of the grinding wheel can be polished mirror after the blade, can improve the effect of cutting plane mirror. In know more process quality of engraving machine tool for carving, operators can choose according to carving craft flexible tool, try to choose high quality material of cutting tool, according to their own needs in terms of grinding, choose good quality grinding wheel. So can achieve better engraving effect, also can reduce the use of cutting tool costs, if the figure is cheap to use inferior tool, not only cause incision is rough, if once the cutting knife also may produce the product defects.
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