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How to control the production cost of CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Buy CNC engraving machine is used to produce produce efficiency, and carving machine can produce much benefit becomes the key to many customers need to consider. Gross profit = income - we all know Cost, so the CNC engraving machine costs and profits are affected by what factors? Said first CNC engraving function produced by the production cost, the cost of engraving machine including engraving machine price, daily consumption, labor costs, carving machine maintenance, etc. CNC engraving machine price is mainly affected by the configuration of the machine and accessories brand and quality has a direct influence on price for engraving machine is very big, with 1325 CNC engraving machine as an example, the price gap in the thousands or even tens of thousands of surprise. In carving machine maintenance, big manufacturer high quality engraving machine due to the low failure rate and long service life and cost far less than inferior CNC engraving machine, and manufacturers of after-sales response speed to customers save troubleshooting time is also very important, this big brand manufacturers obviously better than the small manufacturer. Daily consumption mainly includes cutter consumption and power consumption, good quality wood engraving cutter may be used for several months or longer, engraving machine of the same size power consumption aspects basic were mainly includes the main shaft, drive motor and electric parts, but it is important to note: if you have their machine manufacturer said the engine power is lower, the spindle and drive of the motor power that they must be relatively small, such a machine processing speed can greatly reduce severe compression profits, don't choose because dispute that the power consumption of the low power spindle and motor and do more harm than good. As for labor costs affected by local employment environment, different. CNC engraving machine produce income much affected by the shape precision and quality, the sculpture of a high configuration, high precision machining precision is obviously better, can have a better market acceptance and prices. Another high quality CNC engraving machine relatively faster processing speed, yield the same time also is bigger than the general machine. Through the above comparison, a high quality with the payoff of CNC engraving machine could be far greater than inferior carving machine, so in choosing a carving machine only care about the current price of high and low is clearly not wise.
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