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How much price of sheet metal laser cutting machine

by:Transon     2021-01-11
How expensive is expensive? How cheap is cheap? The price really represents the quality of the product? Sheet metal laser cutting machine price? Sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturer which good? China laser equipment factory is a professional sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturers, for you to develop high quality industrial laser equipment, to provide you with one-stop laser application technology solutions.

sheet metal laser cutting machine generally refers to the metal fiber laser cutting machine, mainly used for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminum plating zinc plate, brass, copper and other metal materials fast fine cutting, widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils and appliances, lamps and lanterns, metal cabinet, auto parts, air-conditioning refrigerator, hotel metal products and other industries, is the metal processing industry & other; To be bestowed favor on newly & throughout; 。

sheet metal laser cutting machine laser market price difference not neat, how to choose how to choose the right products to manufacturers, this requires a certain recognition skills and techniques, laser laser equipment factory in China today is to teach you how to choose and buy sheet metal laser cutting machine.

to buy equipment mainly focuses on three points, the first point is the company technology strength, the second point is the quality of equipment, the third point is the after-sales service! Not technology, not the strength of the dry years collapsed, don't talk about after-sales service. Second, the equipment quality is mainly reflected in several aspects, including product configuration, machine work and assembly technology! Configuration in general can now be more selective, laser will be imported and domestic, sheet metal laser cutting machine price is different also. Machine work is very important, it decided, then the use of the machine stability, accuracy and life! Assembly technology is very important also, determines the overall quality and performance of the equipment.

sheet metal laser cutting machine price how many money? What is the distinguishing feature of laser cutting machine laser equipment factory in China:

1, the machine tool quality affect the price of sheet metal laser cutting machine. Is different from the structure of high rigid reinforced aluminum welding lathe bed, imported large gantry milling, secondary annealing, effectively eliminate the stress, the machine more stable.
2, sheet metal laser cutting machine price depends on the price of the laser. Unlike low-end brand, choose the original import/domestic well-known brand fiber laser generator, light are of good quality and stable output power, achieve high precision cutting;
3, China laser equipment factory of independent research and development to optimize internal guide rail drive system, has applied for a patent, in ensuring the stability of the situation, the guide rail system structure is lighter, raising the speed of the machine.
4, although the lens is consumables, but it is also important optical element, while the sheet metal laser cutting machine price overall impact is not big, but the serious influence the quality of the products. Using the original import lens matters, different from peers domestic lenses or Singapore lenses, the matters of the company's focus lens is one of the best quality, more transparent and less heat loss, improve drastically cutting effect.
5, software system powerful, full closed-loop laser cutting control system and functions of automatic focus, with high-speed punch and automatic search function.
6, electrical components adopt schneider, Siemens and other international brands, in line with the 3 c and CE certification, standardized industrial wiring, different from the small manufacturer of wire box, electrical interference resistance stronger.
7, cost-effective high quality product and service quality.

China group of sheet metal laser cutting machine laser equipment factory price and quality, trustworthy! China laser equipment factory grow in constant innovation and challenge, the latest products are precision laser cutting machine, uv laser printing machine, etc. , welcome to consult.
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