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How many money a fiber laser marking machine

by:Transon     2021-01-08
How much is a fiber laser marking machine? Optical fiber laser marking machine price 40000 yuan to 300000 yuan, more than 20000 on a treasure, but the quality and after-sale really dare not to compliment. China laser equipment factory as a professional optical fiber laser marking factory, China laser equipment factory has excellent research and development strength and strong production capacity. Including 16 years of experience in laser manufacturing precipitation, 149 invention patents and utility patents, master's, a researcher at 33, bachelor of engineer 86 people, has more than 120000 customers choose the laser laser equipment factory in China.

laser laser equipment factory is engaged in laser industry in China for so many years, from the house of optical fiber laser marking factory research and development to production, to the factory, achieve excellence in every link. Both raw material purchasing, and quality control, we have a mature and reliable management system, to ensure that every link no loopholes. But other manufacturers, in order to make their own optical fiber laser marking machine price has more advantages, they from each link to reduce costs. Such as artificial cut, then under the situation of manpower shortage how to ensure the quality of after-sales service? Such as the quality is not perfect, this would only add to product quality problems. More are on the procurement of raw materials, choose the cheapest set of machine parts, then this and how to ensure product quality and stability?

but, China laser equipment factory in the choice of accessories, the selection of reliable quality, regardless of the cost issues, such as laser, we only use imported interpublic, resistance, etc. , domestic chong xin, the Siemens motor with Japan. The design of the equipment, we pay attention to detail, modular design, aesthetics design appropriate customers to use the machine according to the human body. In ensuring product quality at the same time, we also pay attention to the quality of the service. At home and abroad set up more than 200 after-sales service outlets, 100 after-sales service 24-hour on-call, 24 hours door-to-door service, to ensure after-sales response in a timely manner. 16 hours online after-sales service to ensure after-sales problems can be resolved in a timely manner. Laser equipment factory in China to ensure product quality with service quality at the same time, to provide you with reasonable optical fiber laser marking machine price.

so, China laser equipment factory of the laser optical fiber laser marking machine and what are the advantages?

1, high integration design of fiber laser, light quality, light power density is uniform, stable output optical power, with high resistance to the ability, even in aluminum, copper, gold, silver, such as the material for processing also won't appear the shadow and virtual fault phenomenon.
2, international advanced technology of digital high speed scanning galvanometer, small volume, quick speed, good stability, performance reached the international advanced level.
3, modular design, separate of optical fiber power supply box and lifting frame design, equipment more flexible and can be a relatively large volume, marking surface is relatively complex, can't play the underlying surface in the common models for marking.
4, the embedded operating system, good touch interface, support for multiple text, can satisfy the market most of industry application process requirements.
5, using special flight marking control system, good performance, easy operation.

how much is a fiber laser marking machine? This need to choose according to your process and configuration, laser laser equipment factory in China is not your only choice, but it must be your correct choice. If you want to have details about optical fiber laser marking machine price, please call laser equipment factory sales hotline 0769 - China 89838888 consulting optical fiber laser marking machine price!
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