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How high speed machine rust?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
High speed machine is popular, is in than ordinary machine work speed can improve a device; With advanced injection molding machine technology, combined with high-end mold design and manufacturing concept, mature and efficient injection molding process, providing customers with a full range of solutions. So how do the high-speed machine rust? The following by the engineering and technical personnel to tell everyone: 1, after downtime, open the high speed machine tools shield, to disperse the machine things in humid atmosphere, can cover on the top of the machine tool with a layer of waterproof grease, resettlement atmosphere platoon fan speed smooth when necessary. 2, in order to prevent water on metal decay in appearance, should be often used lubricating oil, grease for high speed machine tools at full lubrication, nervous place daub grease in machine tools. 3, correct control of cutting fluid concentration. Prevention of low concentration lead to scrap iron adhesion in high-speed machine tool corner, cause corrosion. When the machine stop things, using cutting fluid flush clean machine appearance, and real-time liquidation of iron filings. 4, for the new high speed machine tool cutting fluid antirust effect, is to rely on cutting fluid and guide the war after the formation of a layer of oil film, for the new machine tool, cutting fluid to form in appearance of oil membrane is definitely necessary time, and because the new machine tool guideway how many there are some impurities in appearance, with 2% cutting fluid to wash machine for 2 hours, the first time after washing the concentration of the added 2% higher than the normal use of concentration, use after a period of time, can be back to normal levels. 5, in order to prevent water soluble cutting fluid seepage precision highlights the machine interior, should use the high quality of fluorine plastic elastic seal. It can extend the life of the machine and its components.
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