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Hollow out engraving machine engraving machine and valuable. such handiwork

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Everyone knows the carving machine is a kind of woodworking engraving machine, because use is one of the characteristics of engraving machine cutting, so require high power spindle motor, for example: 3. 7 kw, 4。 5 kw or 5. 5 kw, to 2 cm thick plate, can be one size fits all, but more than 2 cm plate need stratified cutting. Work system with the stepper or servo can be the difference between the two I would say more here, other articles will be written in detail, hollow out carve machine general configuration is linear square gauge, wear resistance of high precision, the famous Taiwan silver and Yintai the two brands, transmission using oblique rack, also ensure the precision of speed. For decoration industry and small furniture factory, ordinary hollow out beautiful case already cannot satisfy the market's favor, are now doing a kind of new 'valuable. such handiwork' product, literally understanding is hollow out and relief, the combination of this new product is very popular like, even small make up for the first time I saw this thing all feel is very novel, carved method is through the software to operate, first do relief to cut through the extra wood. Because general hollow out carve machine factory to the customer training, in order to save energy and time, is only taught how to use the carved software do hollow out or relief, and how to operate the machine, so if you have customers want to learn the new production of 'valuable. such handiwork' products, preferably in advance to the training of personnel, oneself want to learn the technology.
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