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High-speed CNC engraving machine CNC system

by:Transon     2020-04-25
In recent years, with the development of modern manufacturing, especially in computer integrated manufacturing system ( 计算机集成制造系统CIMS) Accelerating development, product update speed, increase the proportion of medium and small batch production and enlargement of the application of numerical control system, allows the user to the demand of the CNC system is plural: in the aspect of communication network for CNC system can with CAD/CAM/CAPP system implementation and communication; In terms of system flexibility and portability demands have the characteristics of modular and reconfigurable CNC system, according to different user needs, quickly, high efficiency and low cost to build the user oriented control system. Due to strong specificity and traditional CNC system, function expansion is difficult, software portability is poor, poor network communication ability and so on shortcomings, obviously has couldn't keep up with the requirement of the development. In order to meet the numerical control system more flexible, flexibility and versatility of requirement, the research on open CNC system structure. At present, many countries in the world have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and has made no small achievements, such as European OSACA ( 开放系统Architecturefor Controlwithin Automa - 加强) OMAC, United States ( 开放的模块化体系结构控制器) And Japan's OSE ( 开放系统环境) 。 Personal computer ( PC) , due to the standardization of its hardware, high speed computing power, open bus, network functions and software resources, etc. , making it in improving CNC system's user interface, graphical display, dynamic simulation, nc programming, fault diagnosis, network communications, and other functions show the incomparable advantage; The system designer can also be a variety of functional modules, Such as axis motion controller, I/O interface card, etc. ) Access system, CAD/CAM software is installed into the system and direct control of machining process. As a result, the open CNC system based on PC has become the main direction of open numerical control system. Based on PC, mainly is the IPC ( Industrial PC) Open numerical control system according to the CNC parts connected to the PC, there are the following forms: ( 1) Using single-chip microcomputer or DSP as CNC axis motion control components, with double port storage technology or series/parallel communication with the host ( PC) Exchange data, to realize CNC control; ( 2) High-speed computing power, using PC to soften, hardware function in CNC control a simple interface to the hardware; ( 3) Using the EPCD, CPLD, such as large-scale devices, as a special digital - based on IPC Pulse servo interface card, control the movement of the actuating motor. As furniture manufacturing, advertising signs, the development of mould industry, especially the increase of surface processing requirements of the mould and die industry, and the shortage of the traditional edm, recently a year or two integrated milling with the advantages of high speed engraving CNC engraving machine in domestic has a larger development. In order to adapt to the demand of the market, ningbo sea yifan CNC engraving machinery co. , LTD. Designed and developed a kind of high-speed carving and milling machine, CNC system based on PC. Design of the system, which can realize the function, adopts the modular design idea; In structure, use/position control card + PC0 form, that is above the third form of open CNC system based on PC, and designed the position control card based on CPLD to implement the digital - Pulse servo interface and other I/O interface function.
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