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Does the installation of laser engraving machine also need site selection?

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Laser engraving machine can not be used normally in any environment. You need to choose a suitable position when installing it, so how to site the laser engraving machine is the most correct? We 'd better take a look at the following matters needing attention in the site selection of these laser engraving machines. The details are as follows: supply a variety of stone carving and cutting machines, laser engraving machine is a large mechanical equipment, for the surrounding environment requirements are relatively high, therefore, we need to make preparations for the correct site selection before installing the laser engraving machine. First: to ensure that the laser engraving machine has sufficient working area and space. Second: in the position where the laser engraving machine is placed, there can be no direct sunlight. Third: there can be no heat source around the installation of the laser engraving machine. Fourth: the environment for installing laser engraving machine should maintain the temperature and humidity within the technical requirements. Fifth: ensure good lighting. After a laser engraving machine is purchased, the first thing is the installation and training process of the machinery given by the engineer. Xiao Bian is here to explain some details in the process of installing laser engraving machine. First of all, of course, it is to check whether the laser engraving machine is unpacked. One of the most important places is to check the laser tube. Because the laser tube is easy to break, the laser tube is installed immediately after confirming the purchase, pay special attention to the installation, please pay attention to the cathode of the laser tube, the anode is not reversed. The second is the adjustment of the optical path of the laser engraving machine, which is also very important. Laser engraving machine can only engrave or cut samples after the light path is adjusted. The adjustment of optical path directly affects the quality of engraving and cutting of laser engraving machine. The adjustment of the optical path is to adjust the angle between the lens and the light path emission point ( The angle between the correct time path and the lens should be 45 degrees) The personnel who adjust the optical path need to have certain basic knowledge, such as: light reflection, refraction principle, etc. Those who have basic knowledge in this area must also do relevant operations according to the instructions, we can also consult our engineers when necessary. Because the laser engraving machine at work when the laser has a certain ability to burn, so the dimming Road must pay attention to safety, safety first. To sum up, the above two points are the experience summarized by Guangzhou huazhizun technology laser engraving machine engineers in their work, hoping to bring convenience to everyone. I wish everyone a normal and safe use of our laser engraving machine. The content of the above article is a specific introduction to the location of the laser engraving machine. I believe everyone knows how to choose the right place to install it after reading it.
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