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Do you know the skill of using woodworking engraving machine to engrave small characters?

by:Transon     2020-03-30
When we can apply a lot of skills in the process of using woodworking engraving machines, if you have not had many opportunities to use woodworking engraving machines before, I don't know what skills are very normal. Next, you can follow the editor to take a look at some skills in use. I believe you will know after reading them. The woodworking engraving machine needs to set sharp angle compensation in the software. For example, in Wentai engraving software: 1. Click 'engraving output' to pop up the engraving output screen; 2. Click 'settings' to pop up the engraving machine settings screen; 3. Click 'compensation settings' and a dialog box will pop up; 4. Select 'sharp angle compensation' and adjust the required value to achieve the ideal effect. The compensation value is 0. 1-0. Between 7, the general setting value is 0. 25. In addition, the engraving speed of the cutting machine should be set below 20. Q: Why do you carve more after the words are engraved? Answer: 1. First check whether the cutter head is not flexible up and down; 2. If some words are not normal, please replace the engraving software; 3. Check whether there is any problem with the document. What about the dislocation of small characters carved by woodworking engraving machine? There are the following ways to solve this problem: if you don't know much about this machine, it is recommended not to change any settings of the hardware as much as possible ,( If changes have been made, it is recommended to restore to the factory settings). 1. All engraving machines have random drivers. You can reinstall them. If the random drivers are lost or not found at all, you can find engraving machines of the same model in the local area, borrow or consult relevant questions 2. Download the corresponding model engraving machine driver through the network (It is recommended to download at 'drive home)This problem can also be solved. General hardware may find the corresponding Driver 3. Ask the manufacturer for the driver, generally, if you use the above method to operate, you don't have to worry about problems in the process of carving small characters with woodworking engraving machines.
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