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Basis for selecting milling cutter for woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-09
I believe everyone knows that the normal operation of engraving machine cannot be separated from the blade, no matter what engraving machine is. The same is true of woodworking engraving machines. The milling cutter made great contributions when it was working. Many people have such questions, why choose milling cutter? What is the basis? Let's take a look at it with me! Friends who are interested must not miss it! First, the nature of the material to be cut, the general material is solid wood or mixed materials, generally including soft materials, hard materials and improved materials. Mixed materials useful glue synthetic board, high density fiberboard and so on. These are commonly used materials and play a very important role in work. Second, the direction of rotation, when cutting, the direction is very important, according to the direction of the cutter shaft and the direction of the process to determine the direction. We must distinguish carefully. Once there is a small mistake, the consequences will be very serious. Remember to be careful. Losing a decimal point can lose a lot, let alone losing direction. Three, stability and quality requirements, in the process of cutting, to be carried out smoothly can not jump. If you want to enhance its stability, reduce the center of gravity or make the contact area larger. This can enhance the stability, and people can adjust it according to their needs, which is flexible. The quality of processing includes surface roughness, size and accuracy of position. Woodworking engraving machines play an important role in the processing of large industries and are also very beneficial to our life. Interested friends can learn more about woodworking engraving machines, which will bring unexpected results.
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