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To distinguish the three models of high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-20
With the rapid development of the machine tool industry, the domestic machine tool industry, with employment has increased. For professionals to distinguish the machine tool is easy, but for many people who had just joined the machine tool industry, the type of machine is too much, it's very hard to distinguish. Just now, I web editor integrated CNC engraving and milling machine three models, facilitate everybody. First, the numerical control milling and processing center for large amount of milling workpiece processing equipment. Second, CNC engraving and milling machine used to complete a smaller amount of milling, or soft metal processing equipment. Third, high-speed cutting machine is used to complete secondary milling, with minimal amount of grinding and milling after processing equipment. The structure of the in-depth analysis of the above equipment can help us to make the right choice, we can analysis from different angles. First, from the mechanical point of view. Machine tool machine is divided into two parts, moving parts and no moving parts: workbench, skateboard, cross flower-stand for moving parts, such as bed, column, etc for the moving parts, first of all, in terms of CNC milling and industrial center, the moving parts rigidity requirements very well, moving parts rigidity requirements very well. Its advantage is able to heavy cutting; Disadvantages: due to the mobile part of the same large, at the expense of his machine flexibility, for small part and fast feed could do nothing. Secondly, in terms of CNC engraving and milling machine, and it requires good rigidity, the mobile part of the moving parts to flexible rigidity for the former title, as less as possible, while maintaining a certain rigidity. Main is to compare the advantages of the fine processing, high machining accuracy. For soft metal for high speed machining; The disadvantage is that because of the poor rigidity so impossible for heavy cutting. Finally, in terms of high speed cutting machine tool, and the moving parts require very good rigidity, moving parts rigidity requirement is better, and as light as possible. Its advantage is able to in a small amount of cutting ( Patients generally & phi; 10 flat knife, for 45 # steel ( 300). Deep depth to 0. 75 is good) ; Can play under the disadvantage is that the correct use of high efficiency, low cost, make the grinding quantity is very few. Incorrect use, can make the tool scrap pile up soon. Second, the analysis from the Angle of CNC. First, the nc milling machining center for numerical control system requires speed, spindle speed 0 to 8000 RPM. Second, engraving and milling machine for high speed CNC system, spindle speed of about 3000 ~ 30000 RPM. Third, high speed cutting machine tools for high speed numerical control system and the characteristics of excellent servo motor, the spindle speed of about 1500 ~ 30000 RPM. Third, from the analysis on the programming software. Speaking, from the perspective of software of nc milling machining center, high-speed cutting machine engraving and milling machine can use the standard CAD/CAM software such as: MasterCamCimatronPEUG, etc. Milling machine is usually thought that Cimatron dao is better, fully fastidious to the new version of the software tool every moment of the uniformity of cutting quantity, especially the knife into the out of the work of a moment of speed and smooth, and the poor in the inflection point follow algorithm problem ( followingError) Design and make the graphic more into, is used in great quantities in the CAD part just intuitive three-dimensional entity model such as Solidworks again into the CAM software for processing through IGS, etc.
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