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The price of advertising engraving machine need how many money?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Takeaway: 'how much is a advertising engraving machine? 'The question already don't know how many people have asked? Have asked in baidu post bar, there are also in baidu know q, there are many customers call advisory to the first question is this, a good answer to this question? Supposed to answer or not answer, said not answer is good answer! Keywords: engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, engraving machine price text: if from the perspective of syntax, 'how much is a carving machine? 'This is an incomplete question, because was asked who don't know what do you want? Want to achieve what kind of a standard, buy a car or not to buy a car of people also know that cars from 20000 to the millions of millions of all have, do you want to know how much a carving machine? That is from the different USES of engraving machine classify, according to your requirements you need to determine the price of carving machine! Say first on the market use most categories engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, the three is to use most of a few kinds of carving machine on the market, many USES of engraving machine is also derived from the three kinds of engraving machine, including advertising engraving machine engraving machine is using the largest number of a group. How much money a advertising engraving machine? Basically, if is the local factory house price in 12000 - carving 18000 yuan, this contains a screw carving machine and rack engraving machine two types. Engraving machine of floating on the price, because itself has the difference caused by the machine configuration, advertising engraving machine price brand currently on the market are: screw double ≦ 1325 engraving machine rack circle engraving machine (1325 All-in-one) ≦ rack circle engraving machine (1325 Fission machine) 1325 engraving machine (≦ rack side rail All-in-one) 1325 engraving machine (≦ rack side rail Fission machine) 。 1, screw engraving machine, and the difference between the rack engraving machine, screw and rack on its own structure determines the precision of the leadscrew engraving machine is higher than the rack and the precision of engraving machine, but for the advertising industry, woodworking industry, the precision can be ignored, because it doesn't belong to high precision industry. The second difference is that rack engraving machine is much higher than the speed of the screw speed of engraving machine, engraving machine is probably screw speed of 3 ~ 4 times, such a big savings in processing time. 2, the difference between circle and square rail: the circle and square rail is refers to the gantry to cling to orbit, because most are domestic, double sliding block and guide the clearance between the larger cause accuracy affected; And side rail between slide block and guide rail gap is small, so the accuracy of the circle, the precision is higher. To sum up, advertising industry, such as processing acrylic word, beautiful case, hollow out kind of rack side rail of the machine at the beginning of work is the best choice.
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