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The laser engraving machine and you know what's the difference?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
The CX - 6090 laser engraving machine both in appearance and performance is the majority of customers favorite, why he can get customers love and trust? Fond of it first to get the customer's product performance must PASS, or when the customer trial will have to PASS out, can't satisfy the customer the demand of customers to buy it? To spend money to play? Or when the decoration? CX - 6090 laser engraving machine then what is the configuration of the laser engraving machine, we give you the product parameters: CO2 laser tube specific look at some of the laser engraving machine product description: 1, sculpture class special CO2 laser, fine light, the light is more stable, long life 2, imported optical lenses, the beam is focused on the fine, high light transmittance, durable, long service life. 3, the machine USES DSP offline control system, graphics processing speed, strong anti-interference ability. 4, support, such as design software AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, friendly man-machine interface, power speed can directly regulate 5, adopting high speed motor drive, stable operation, the engraving speed 6, choose Chinese Taiwan linear guide, carving delicate, repeat accuracy is + / - 0. CX - 05 mm so it 6090 laser engraving machine is suitable for which industries? Application industry: packaging and printing, craft gift industry, model industry, Construction models, aviation navigation models and wooden toys) , advertising industry, decoration industry etc. Applicable materials: wood, wooden craft, density board, rubber, paper, ceramic tile, bottle gourd, bone, jade, glass, crystal, non-metal materials such as acrylic so also known as acrylic recommendation: laser cutting machine engraving printing, craft gift engraving, special-shaped processing technology
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