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The characteristics of ningbo carving and milling machine is introduced

by:Transon     2020-04-25
1. Accuracy: ningbo eagle high precision carving and milling machine milling A, all the operation is controlled by the computer to complete the work, the manipulation of the device can work in carve machine held the typography. System with more than 32 MB of memory, this method has greatly increased the CNC carving and milling machine work power, its load skill and precision was a strong connection. Receive the USB port to transmit data. Carve machine computer at work in a business situation, such about solid computer wrong operation and form of waste, commissioning to carve one and a half arc circle and cube test precision. 2. Guide: ningbo engraving and milling machine is sure to receive more than 25 mm of square imported guide rail, same as usual in the plus or minus 0, instantly thoroughly from computers, closed the computer, or hold other layout, at the mercy of 008 mm, but can not be closed the computer. Can't hold other layout work, need to survive the files, guaranteeing the high-quality high-speed carve machine, the balance is actually a computer. Ningbo carving and milling machine wide range of selected buyers should be according to the needs of the transaction and capital status, high power spindle, the spindle motor is of serious computer engraving and milling machine parts, wear small, is a professional commodity; Decreases with increasing rotating speed, torque characteristic is big power, appropriate processing particularly exquisite artifacts, under 250 w, not to block the thicker material, finish and high precision; Can also agreed to change in the future high speed bearing for motor protection, such as seals, nameplates, badges gifts, sex is extremely good. Rising power along with the increase of rotational speed, cutting skill is strong, the disadvantage is that the detection of thick material skill is poor; Cutting volume, select appropriate type of carve machine itself and the power of intrusive, machining spindle generally fall into two categories: fine machining spindle and high power block the spindle. Its function to the function of computer carve machine machine has extremely serious influence, carve copper industry is a small application of CNC engraving and milling machine is the most foundation, appropriate carving milling some soft artifacts. Fine machining spindle is characterized by low noise, high speed, height, now the cities on deploying serious with large planks, mould and parts processing, long life, so that a few models for customer need large-format carve machine than force is in order, and the constant torque increase with the increase of the motorized spindle speed by torque. Power stability, serious for block, high-power carving milling, low noise. Torque is settled. High machining precision, motorized spindle receiving variable frequency speed control technology.
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