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The characteristics and applications of the small CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Small CNC engraving machine belong to precision CNC equipment, the understanding of it has enough at ordinary times, can play equipment should be performance. Today we're going to meet the characteristics of it. Small woodworking CNC engraving machine features: 1, driven by servo motor and equipment operation stability, processing speed is fast. 2, variable frequency spindle, high precision carving and cutting force is strong, and low noise. 3, humanized operation, powerful, can accept the relevant data through the network. 4, the Z axis adopts the industrial level of ball screw, can very good positioning, so that the workpiece machining more hasten is perfect. Application field of small woodworking CNC engraving machine, woodworking industry, such as for furniture decorative sculpture, art word model, instrument manufacturing, etc. Advertising industry: do all kinds of logo, signage, Aleck material slitting and cutting, etc. Mold industry: can undertake a variety of styles of mould engraving, like font, construction models, aviation model, and so on. Above is the characteristics of small CNC woodworking engraving machine and application is introduced, the device got a lot of use in our life, if you want to order the equipment, can go to suppliers for details.
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