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The application of rotating laser engraving cutting machine in the box

by:Transon     2021-01-08
In our life all kinds of craft gift box is particularly conspicuous, why some big brands to pay extraordinary attention to the packing box of its own products? That's because the grade of the box is the most direct expression of the brand value. As we give some customers proofing, will receive all kinds of packaging, the manual cutting samples. Beautiful wood jewelry box, exquisite cylinder tea box & hellip; … Our lives without the rules of the three-dimensional box, in particular, hollow out of carve patterns or designs on woodwork box display products noble and generous.

how to processed into these gift box is so delicate and beautiful? The emergence of the rotating laser engraving machine and used to solve the problem.

because of cube and cylinder, the rules of the product during processing is affected by the height, thickness, so it's difficult to ordinary machines for processing, ordinary cutting die processing look rough and unstable, so the use of a rotating laser engraving machine is particularly important, and help manufacturers to achieve perfect laser engraving.

generally lift platform we know fine engraving machine, also known as a rotating laser engraving machine. Laser research and development personnel in order to develop laser equipment is suitable for all sorts of handicraft processing, after many years of hard work and experiments, has finally successfully developed a kind of suitable for the rotation of the laser engraving machine cutting handicraft carving process. Let's analyze what it has prominent advantages:

the first, the product is mainly for people who need more surface sculpture design, with the needs of the customer's material is square or round some logo carved on it, our machine can easily deal with at this time.

the second, in order to adapt to different thickness of processing materials, change a series of machine is equipped with automatic lift platform, on the different thickness of the material can be easily carved.

the third, according to customer processing materials of different and change the configuration, such as aluminum or iron honeycomb plate of different aperture, or different clearance of metal lattice column and so on.

we rotating laser engraving cutting machine is a superior performance of laser engraving machine, arts and crafts can be widely used in the bamboo tube laser engraving, laser engraving, DIY board laser engraving, with its advanced, high-tech technology to lead the development of handicraft processing industry.

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