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Teach you how to maintain stone engraving machine in winter

by:Transon     2020-04-03
For the stone engraving machine specific how to clean and maintain the problem, many customers often Contact Us: The following summary of the points hope to help our customers. Stone engraving machine cleaning and maintenance to master the method: First of all to completely keep clean and clean. Whether it is hard granite or soft marble (Hardness HRs46-77 ± 3-5)Both are not resistant to the long-term ravages of wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, dust collector and electrostatic mop should be used from time to time to do a good job of dust removal and cleaning. It is best to place a dust pad at the entrance of the commercial space. It is best to change slippers after entering the home to reduce the chance of sand dust wearing the stone surface. To regular maintenance, maintenance gloss. By dust removal alone, cleaning cannot keep the bright luster of stone forever. Therefore, we must regularly ask professional companies to send people to do maintenance and gloss regeneration maintenance work such: use crystallization liquid to re-crystallize the marble surface, or use polishing powder to regenerate the luster of the marble or granite surface, or use polishing powder to regenerate the luster of the marble or granite surface, or use breathable Gloss Protection agent, etc. Can make your stone forever as new. Clean up the pollution immediately. All stones have natural capillary holes and pollution sources ( Oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc) It will easily penetrate into the interior of the stone along the capillary holes, forming annoying stains. Therefore, it is necessary to select a special protective agent for stone with excellent quality to prevent pollution sources from polluting the stone. It is necessary to know that all protective agents cannot block pollution for a long time, so once there is a source of pollution lying on the stone, it must be clear immediately to prevent infiltration into the stone pores. Always keep ventilated and dry. Stone is afraid of too much humidity in the environment. Moisture will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonic acid on the stone, resulting in water spots, whitening, weathering, denudation, rust and other pathological changes, destroying the stone. Therefore, stone installation should always be kept ventilated and dry. Protection treatment should be carried out regularly. To ensure the stone life and prevent the infiltration of water and pollution sources, we must regularly (Depending on the type of stone and the quality of protective agent, the best is 1--3 years to do 1--2 This processing)Apply protective treatment. Special attention must be paid to the quality of protective agents. Be sure to maintain the permeability, waterproofness and stain resistance of stone after application. Never use a protective agent of unknown origin, so as to avoid not only failing to achieve the protective effect, but also increasing the trouble of stone maintenance.
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