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PK food co2 laser machine process

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Have to say that the creative world is omnipotent, carbon dioxide laser technology is really without stop. Even a simple piece of toast, an ordinary biscuit, a fragile eggs, also can design new things, become the new stuff.

for food processing and material goods, to food to design a prototype of the ornaments in the life originally is not uncommon, especially in the domestic rare. But there is always a group of people, they are chasing speed, chasing perfection, chasing creativity. And carbon dioxide laser engraving technology to meet the needs of people chasing, just realized the art processing on the tip of the tongue.

so, today come with laser sister inventory carbon dioxide laser engraving process in food, and see which type is more, which is more interesting?
1, toast & ndash; — This series of & other; The art of bread & throughout; By carbon dioxide laser machine made jobs, Obama, Monroe, cartoon image, reductive degree is high, not only can cost up to $20.

2, cookies & ndash; — Pieces & other; The jews throughout the &; Biscuit, is foreign friends on the Internet is a collection of a large number of graphics and processing, recycling carbon dioxide laser engraved on the unleavened bread so exquisite pictures.

3, sushi & ndash; — One & other; Flowers dress & throughout; Laver by carbon dioxide laser cutting the cherry blossoms, like water jade, tortoise shell, such as design, contains a beautiful and good luck, longevity and so on.

4, fruits & ndash; — Start businesses using laser on fruit depicting information, just for the sake of better management in selling its or his goods, but now in the blessings on the fruit such as magic beans, to satisfy everybody's many kinds of desire,

5, eggs & ndash; — Originally using co2 laser machine marking on eggs, but also for more healthy, and prevent the goods been tampered with, but now many merchants imagination, using a laser on the egg painting, let the eggs from food evolved into works of art.

6, crab & ndash; — Yangcheng lake hairy crabs a laser mark the purpose is to solve & other; Fake goods & throughout; If problems arise, also drawing on crab, crab can be art.

for foodies, mouth to eat enough, eyes also have to eat. The co2 laser machine processed food, also let really delightful to the eyes, just look at satisfy all and pretty of!

China laser equipment factory group, carbon dioxide laser machine is widely used in packaging and printing, advertising gifts, lighting lighting, electronic appliances, metal plastic, various industry such as textile and clothing, meet the demand of the cutting, carving processing. To synchronous processing of food and beverage industry demand, laser laser equipment factory in China gradually into the food and beverage market, for the general customers to solve product brand tag, nutrition information, personalized and food processing. In addition to the beverage packaging, in fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs and other similar foods on coding and brands, or image characterization, for food and beverage industry is a new trend, let's wait and see!
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