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Part of the CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-23
CNC engraving machine controlled by the machine tools, software, computer, electrical control cabinet, and other basic parts, machine tool parts are most often come into contact with, if to the function of these components are not clear, affects the work, therefore the introduction of the function of the parts. Here are four anchor anchor: machine tool base, in the installation and debugging of machine tool, must adjust the anchor the machine tool bed leveling, the workbench in horizontal plane. Urgent stop switch: CNC engraving machine carved in state, if there is an accident can make through press the abrupt stop switch stop carving machine. Main motor cooling pump: press this switch, switch: open the main motor cooling pump coolant on the underside of the machine frame, the use of coolant on the cooling system. Light switch: press this switch when using light. Table: table has T slot, you can install vise for card, positioning. Z axis: electric motor drive Z axis screw, drive spindle motor movement up and down. Spindle motor, spindle motor rotating at high speed, drive tool for carving. Z axis shield: melted to prevent dust or carved into the beam. Manual control keyboard: the keyboard all the manual control of the CNC machine operation to be concentrated on the keyboard. According to the keyboard function for manual operation.
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