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Laser its short wavelength laser output energy of photochemical reaction of inspired materials

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Laser marking machine is in contrast to the traditional way, laser processing is very rapid, accurate, any custom graphics to computer programming, health and environmental protection, low consumables. In practice, a variety of applications in plastic material marking effect better, relative to other types of lasers, when using laser, black marking can be done by selectively carbide plastic surface below.

at the same time avoided due to excessive heat output laser, when processing sensitive material, such as plastic containing flame retardants, laser can achieve high resolution marking, at the same time get the best surface quality and the fastest processing speed. Compared with infrared and green laser, laser in material processing does not need expensive laser sensitive additives, can achieve a faster processing speed and better quality of marking on plastic electrical switch, is typically changes the color of the material surface. When using laser, black marking can be done by selectively carbide plastic surface below. Heat input are limited within the designated area in a small, so that the content and background material apart from the obvious mark, it is easy to identify. Usually marking machine wavelength of 355 nm. It is in the plastic electrical switch on standard provides a new solution. In addition to having the characteristics of general marking machine, laser marking is faster, a mark fastest speed can reach 3000 characters per second.

laser marking machine is to use its cold working effect, thus on the plastic material, whether it's cold light or heat source, all have to admit is that the laser processing technology is more and more recognized and applied.
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