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How to do a good job of the dust removal of high-speed machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-23
High speed machine in processing products will be a lot of dust and debris, lead to workshop dust rolling, not only affect the operation of product processing, is harmful to the health of people, high-speed machine dust removal work must insist on every day, to maintain a clean and tidy working environment quickly, and then to do a good job of cleaning the high-speed machine we need to do a good job in the following three points: 1, under the limit of current technology, in the production of high speed machine is hard to produce dust, therefore, we must be clear on the high-speed machine and the surrounding of dust particles, in order to ensure that it will not affect the normal use of high-speed machine. 2, we need to install special dust removal equipment, in order to reduce the number of dust in the air, if there is no strength to install large dust removal equipment, can also be stand-alone dust collection and dust collection device installed in the machine tool, also can have good results. 3, personnel protection, the operator can be equipped with professional goggles and masks, ensure the health of the operator.
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