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How to distinguish between double process engraving machine engraving machine and double?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Two different kinds of carving machine function, the effect is different, he has the advantage of, the price also differs a lot, also called yituo second carving machine, is refers to two head installed in the a gantry, reduce the error, high efficiency, the two head is unified control, in order to avoid wrong machine, cause irreparable damage. Double process engraving machine. Double engraving machine, two pieces at a time. But if there are any tool change requires human to change the knife, less suitable for modelling, tool change little, large quantities of product the customer, so make wood product effect is good, the same cutting tool installation, high efficiency is different, the scale, the scale, also don't know what's the difference between them directly, there are a lot of customers think that is the same machine, these two machines are very different, please be sure to distinguish, carving machine pictures from the Internet or other peers to see real machine, engraving machine can't distinguish between double engraving machine engraving machine and double process many customers to buy woodworking engraving machine, walk the same path, can is carving out the two boards at one time, improved efficiency, refers to the tool, you can install two different customers so when buying woodworking engraving machine must recognize the difference between two kinds of machines, in case the wrong machine, two head can be automatic tool change, which need to use knife carving, which head carving machine down, another rise automatically. Two head can't work at the same time, he has the advantage of automatic tool change, eliminating the trouble of artificial tool change
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