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How to determine woodworking CNC carving machine noise exception?

by:Transon     2020-04-20
Wood carving machine noise is normal, under a certain frequency, woodworking carving machine also can produce the body resonance, obviously a noise. This kind of noise is will not affect the normal use of the machine. Impact and harmful to woodworking carving machine noise is mainly characterized by the following two categories: 1, the spindle motor abnormal noise when running. The production of this kind of noise, prove the existence of main shaft bearing quality problem or the service life of the mainshaft bearing has to, or lower quality or damage after wear, can consider to change at this time. 2, axial abnormal noise when walking. This kind of phenomenon exists in the X axis. More for axial motor bearing damage or X axial guideway lack of lubricating oil, too dirty, too close, ball wear, ball drop, etc. , must be handled in time.
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