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How to deal with the accuracy of woodworking engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-09
One of the most important problems to pay attention to when using woodworking engraving machines is accuracy. If the accuracy of woodworking engraving machines is not good, the carved items will have defects. So, how to ensure the accuracy of woodworking engraving machine? Xiao Bian analyzed two methods for everyone. In order to ensure that the wood is processed more delicately, it is necessary to use a woodworking engraving machine with higher precision. Before processing, we can now do a calibration job for the wood carving engraving machine, we can adjust the accuracy of woodworking engraving machine in the following two ways. 1. Manual modulation method, we can lower the plane line of woodworking carving and then start the main shaft and measure it manually. If we find a suitable position, we can stop it, in order to ensure the accuracy, the measurement can be carried out at an appropriate position. Of course, if the material of the table is not the same, it will affect the measurement effect, so this factor should be taken into account. 2, computer modulation method, this method will be much simpler than manual, but the difficulty will also increase a lot, we can open the setting panel of the engraving machine to set, through the test path to calibrate the accuracy of the woodworking engraving machine, the explosion-proof Fan Company said that after the alignment, the path is directly stored, so that the purpose can be achieved. The above two small methods are specially summarized for everyone. These methods will definitely bring some help to everyone.
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