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How to choose CNC jade carving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
CNC jade carving machine, also known as: jade carving machines, automatic jade carving machine, CNC carving machine, etc, used for carving jade is easy to nurture, so to speak. For investors, of jade carving machine, it would be easy to investment mistakes or low machining efficiency of the machine, select a preferential price and direct manufacturers of jade carving factory is the first benefit guarantee, consumers and manufacturers a comprehensive services such as carved drawings, after-sales service is the name of the second security interests. Generally existing jade automatic engraving machine on the market, according to the control mode can be divided into two kinds: one kind is computer control, the other is a control panel. Computer control is some cheaper price, relatively panel control higher the stability of the machine. On the market is generally recommended by panel controller jade carving machine, its highest cost performance, small size, suitable for processing small workshops. Jinan jia bang is a most valuable, why do you say that? As compared to other peer machines, jinan jia bang has these advantages: ( 1) Fast: 24000 turn 1. 5 kw professional carving milling spindle, the domestic advanced controller system, support 8 one-time continuous processing, have fast delivery, save labor costs, and improve the machining efficiency, 2) Mute: integration of enclosed chassis design, combined with the internal noise reduction engineering processing, small environment quiet and comfortable, all day and night, suitable for small mill continuous high intensity operations ( 3) Simple: equipped with high-end waterproof to knife device, automatic precision of knife, seamlessly knife, carving physical support 3 d simulation reality, easy manipulation, which will ( 4) Stability: hybrid servo drive stability is strong, Different from commonly used stepping motor on the market, greatly improve the stability) Step to prevent lost, knife, have a breakpoint continued carving technology ( 5) Fine: imported high precision ball screw, square guide rail, to guarantee the precision carving ( 0. 1毫米) To ensure that finely crafted, don't make any mistakes, 6) Low consumption: the cost of a unit carving probably only 3 - 10 yuan, only a small amount of electricity consumption, save labor costs, time, cost, improve efficiency, 7) Flexibility: can be adjusted according to the volume of material design, combined with the scanner to avoid crack, qiao color, shape, follow one's inclinations DIY follow diao
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