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How to choose a suitable jade carving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-24
How to choose an appropriate use of jade carving machine? Small make up five methods are summarized here, hope to be able to purchase jade carving machine has certain help to you: 1, first of all know the feature of engraving machine, engraving machine engraving machine has high power and small power; 2, jade carving machine spindle motor speed adjustable range, speed adjustable range is generally several thousand to thirty thousand RPM, if speed is adjusted or speed adjustable range is smaller, so that the engraving machine application range is limited by a lot of, because of different material must use different engraving head rotation speed; 3, need to understand the performance and function of the engraving machine, engraving machine engraving head motor also is very crucial, because the motor is working continuously for a long time, so if engraving head motor is bad will also affect the use of engraving machine; 4, jade carving machine main body structure of manufacturing process. High-power engraving machine work requirement ontology must be precise and stable, so long-term high-power carving casting ontology should be adopted to guarantee the machining precision and stability; 5, screw and guide rail is an important part of jade carving machine, screw and guide rail is carving machine use for a long time when the guarantee of the accuracy and performance, when the choose and buy should be carefully check to buy.
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