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How carving machine spindle daily maintenance and maintenance

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Spindle is the core of the engraving machine equipment accessories, especially CNC woodworking machining center with the main shaft is relatively high-end high match, the price also is higher, more attention should be paid to maintenance and maintenance. Engraving machine spindle consists of air cooling spindle and water-cooled spindle. According to the customer's processing technology, as well as customer processing environment can selectively configured. Because of work environment factors, the main shaft is one of the largest equipment and attle contact machining parts, main shaft processing for titanium hao machinery, quality guarantee, and the merits of the spindle performance greatly affects the machining process. In daily production and processing, therefore, we must complete the spindle maintenance and maintenance work. ( 1) Finished work to clean up the spindle motor, if the habit form, spindle motor is the most important maintenance work is done! ( 2) Operators use cleaner to clean up after work every day to the rotor end of the spindle motor and motor terminals on the scraps, prevent scraps in the rotor accumulated on the client and terminal blocks, so as to avoid scraps into bearing, accelerate the wear of high-speed bearing; Avoid scraps into terminal blocks, cause electrical short circuit burned. ( 3) Each card and replace cutting tools, the operator must be card holder to the head, can't use directly insert draw out a sword with the method of tool change! ( 4) After unloading knife to clean up the card head and pressure cap. ( 5) When the operator on the knife must to clean tool, the head and the pressure cap! This detail, spindle motor can greatly prolong the life of a! ( 6) Boot after the operator must check the motor cooling water working condition, to check the water pump is working correctly, to check whether the cooling water by scale, microbial contamination, check line status is normal, must want to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water! It is strictly prohibited inside the spindle motor spindle motor without cooling water through the open! ( 7) Use the spindle motor must be according to the specification! In addition to the above regulations, the operator in the case of without training mount guard operation is strictly prohibited. Spindle failure, don't disassemble, want to contact the factory for maintenance and troubleshooting.
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