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High speed engraving and milling machine motion control system's hardware

by:Transon     2020-04-18
High speed engraving and milling machine mechanical structure is relatively simple, is a typical rectangular three-dimensional structure, two among the X, Y axis respectively through the ball screw drive the plane of the sliding table do sports, Z axis in Z axis servo motor driven by a vertical plane exercise. High speed engraving and milling machine control system block diagram as shown in the figure below, mainly includes the main control computer, GT motion control card, Panasonic servo driver. Figure high speed engraving and milling machine the diagram of the control computer control system for general PC, operate as the upper machine control, use of PC hardware and software resources, engraving machine can be developed in a Windows environment the human-computer interaction interface, used to implement the system parameter setting, function and operation status display, etc. By the GT - 400 - SV - PCI motion control card as lower machine, through PCI bus to receive instructions from the master computer program, according to the predetermined pattern, complete the corresponding real-time motion planning. Servo drive part adopts Panasonic ( Panasonic) MinasA4 series MADDT1207 type ac servo drives, dc motor for Panasonic ( Panasonic) MSMD022PIU type servo motor, servo drive through the corresponding interface ( Such as drive interface, encoder interface, etc. ) Takes exercise instructions from the control card drive servo motor rotation, through the ball screw drive high-speed carving and milling machine mechanical platform, to complete set of mechanical movement. Engraving machine prices, engraving and milling machine, CNC engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control net.
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