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High speed development of wood carving machine technology

by:Transon     2020-04-20
Rapid growth with China's timber industry, enterprise competition, product competition in the industry, in this situation, to improve productivity, enhance product added value, improve the product profit margins, the enhancement enterprise competitiveness has become the whole timber industry urgently needs to solve the problem. At present in the industry, in order to improve the level of deep processing of wood, improve the utilization rate of timber and other essentials to the principle of increasing profits, there are a few consciousness ahead of wood industry is introduced, the reform of new machinery equipment and acceptance of new wood processing technology leading the growth of the industry. Our country wood machinery technical progress and product updates, certain level determines the deep processing of wood industry technical level continuously improve, in addition to improve the cutting efficiency of the traditional block, plate, with automatic, intelligent computer wood CNC processing in an increasingly mature. In Italy, the United States, Germany and other countries abroad CNC woodworking engraving machine represents the world's leading technology, but because of its high price hindered the promoting of timber industry in our country, we mainly hope that domestic CNC woodworking engraving machine continuous growth and progress. In recent years, China's wood machinery industry's growth is very fast, on the basis of the intelligent computer numerical control technology and equipment development to grow quickly, shandong, fujian, guangdong and other places of a batch of timber machinery enterprises pay attention to technology research and development and product innovation, on the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign to further enhance the level of the Chinese wood machinery processing and manufacturing, with strong market competitiveness, some has reached the world advanced level. Some experts predict, as long as we insist on absorbing foreign advanced technology and independent research and development experience and road, intelligent domestic wood carving machine will replace the price expensive & other Moored to product & throughout; , thus becoming the mainstream of the equipment in China stone enterprise of new products. Our country numerical control woodworking engraving machine technology growth time is very short, while the advanced, efficient and intelligent nc machining technology will gradually replace the traditional wood processing technology and equipment, but is the domestic timber market, industry growth, the restriction of the bottleneck and other factors, and grow slowly, in the future a period of time the traditional equipment and CNC equipment, will form the norm. In the near future, intelligent computer numerical control processing center will be promoted in the industry, occupy a place, China's wood processing industry will usher in a bright spring. Engraving machine prices, engraving and milling machine, CNC engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control net.
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