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High speed and high precision NC engraving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Since opening, mechanical processing by early total artificial processing to the part of the full automatic mechanical processing. But the outlook for the world trend, all kinds of products with each passing day, especially the 3 c products. Demand for molds and parts processing, not only fine, faster speed, otherwise, they can't keep up with pace. Based on these ideas, fast and of high precision machine tools, engraving and milling machine and so on industry, has gradually from countries such as Germany and Japan have a consortium in local factories production, shows its importance. But the average person for high speed and high precision processing machinery of cognition. Often listen to mechanical salesman with a home. Always think more than the spindle speed of 20000 r/min, with a high speed control for high speed and high precision NC machine. But its correct definition should be really can achieve high speed and high precision cutting ability, is the real high speed and high precision processing machine. It contains the spindle rigidity ability of the strength, torque, temperature, etc, as well as the operation speed of NC controller; Moreover, Japan in 2002, the latest machining, about cutting processing, the use of cutting lubricant, also had a revolutionary change. Commonly used washing fluid can only meet the minimum requirements of cooling, cannot produce the lubrication effect. And switched to spray lubrication cooling method, proved can improve the cutting rate and reduce the processing surface roughness value of 30%. If constantly require speed increase, without the above facilities, may increase the tool wear, machining speed suddenly slow down the opposite effect.
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