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Heart diaphragm ( The diaphragm) What kind of machine can cut cutting

by:Transon     2021-01-11
The diaphragm is the mammalian abdominal cavity and membrane separates the chest muscles. Originally it as to help the muscle of the heart function, from the neck of the rectus muscle system differentiation, on the amphibians can see the original model. In the period of embryonic development, by the ventral gives birth to the ventral diaphragm ( diaphragmasternale) And from the dorsal dorsal diaphragm (born diaphragmapleurale) The healing. Occasionally, on people such as the individual, this kind of healing has not completely, called diaphragmatic hernia. In the middle of the diaphragm has a larger scope of lack of muscle, this part consists of aponeurosis. It is also seen as on the diaphragm, through the aorta and the aortic hiatus of thoracic duct, through vena cava inferior vena cava hole, through the esophageal hiatal and the vagus nerve. On the histology, peritoneal clingy on the muscular tissue of abdominal cavity, the pleura is close to on the chest.

the diaphragm what devices can be used to cut the material? Because it is used on medical required precision is very high, general machine can't complete. Here we recommend HZZ endeavour - for our company V3000( 我。 LASER3000) 。 We have again in cooperation with a number of hospitals such as hengrui medical Kang Dina are using our equipment, our equipment also received their full approval. Because only in this our equipment can meet their requirements. If there are any questions or advice, please call 4000 - 818 - 380.
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