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Don't ignore the heat dissipation of stone engraving machine!

by:Transon     2020-03-05
There are many small details in the process of using the stone engraving machine. I don't know if you pay attention to it at ordinary times. If you don't know what details the editor said, you can follow the editor to look down. It is also a must to figure out which small details are important for the use of stone engraving machines. Stone engraving machine will generate heat when used for a long time. At this time, the motor will cause some negative effects if it is too hot. We should consider how to dissipate heat. When the stone engraving machine motor temperature is too high, you can choose the machine to stop to rest for a period of time, continue to work, you can also add the heat radiation in the motor to ensure that the movement emitted in time. Here are some tips for heat dissipation: the electric heating temperature range depends on the insulation of the stone engraving machine motor. General internal insulation under high temperature (130 degrees)Will be destroyed. As long as it does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged, but at this time, the surface temperature is below 90 degrees. Therefore, the surface temperature of the stepping motor is 70-80 degrees is normal. Simple temperature measuring point thermometer is useful, you can also roughly determine: 1- 2 seconds of hand can touch, not more than 60 degrees, only hand touch, about 70, 80 degrees; Drop a few drops of water quickly gas, then 90 degrees. After reading the above introduction, in general, it should be necessary for the motor of the stone engraving machine to control the heat dissipation, especially for the stone engraving machine, only in this way can the life of the stone engraving machine be prolonged and a good working environment be given to the stone engraving machine, thus making the products we carved out more perfect. At present, water cooling and heat dissipation have been applied to the heat dissipation of stone engraving machines. Water cooling and heat dissipation can ensure the constant temperature in the heating area for a long time, so water cooling and heat dissipation is a good solution when large machines work for a long time. In short, when you use the stone engraving machine on a daily basis, you must not ignore its heat dissipation problems, and some maintenance work should be done well.
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