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Tips that can be applied when using laser engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-07
When you use the laser engraving machine, if you think its operation is not very stable, you can try to use some tips. However, many people may not know what practical tips are available, so let's take a look at the tips for laser engraving machine. The following is a specific introduction: 1. Stay away from large power and strong vibration equipment, and sudden interference with large power will sometimes cause machine failure. Although it is rare, it should be avoided as far as possible. Therefore, such as large electric welding machines, giant electric mixers and large power transmission and transformation equipment should be kept away. Strong vibration equipment is more self-evident, such as forging press, vibration caused by walking of short-range motor vehicles, etc. Obvious shaking of the ground is very unfavorable to accurate carving. 2, lightning protection, as long as the building lightning protection measures are reliable. Article 1 of this section 'good grounding' can also help protect against lightning. Special Recommendation: in areas with unstable power grid (If the voltage fluctuation exceeds more than 5%) Please install a regulated power supply with a capacity of at least 3000W to prevent the voltage from suddenly fluctuating and burning the circuit or computer. 3. Maintain and control the stability of PC. The control PC is mainly used for engraving equipment control. In addition to installing necessary graphic design software, please do not use special plane. Since the computer is equipped with a network card and an anti-virus firewall, the speed of the control computer will be seriously affected. Please do not install anti-virus firewall on the control machine. If you need a network card for data communication, Please disable the network card before starting the engraving machine. 4. Maintenance of guide rail: during the movement of the guide rail, a large amount of dust will be generated due to the processed materials. Maintenance method: first wipe off the original lubricating oil and dust on the guide rail with cotton cloth, and then apply a layer of lubricating oil on the surface and side of the guide rail. Maintenance cycle: about a week. 5. Maintenance of the fan: After the fan works for a period of time, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the fan and the exhaust pipe. The dust will affect the exhaust efficiency of the fan, resulting in a large amount of dust that cannot be discharged. Maintenance method: loosen the connecting hose between the exhaust pipe and the fan, remove the exhaust pipe, and clean out the dust in the exhaust pipe and the fan. Maintenance period: about one month. 6. Fastening of screws: After the movement system works for a certain period of time, the screws at the movement connection will be loose. After the screws are loose, the stability of the mechanical movement will be affected. Maintenance method: tighten the screws one by one with tools attached at random. Maintenance period: about one month. 7. Maintenance of lens: after the machine works for a period of time, the lens will stick a layer of ash on the surface due to the working environment, which will reduce the reflectivity of the reflective lens and the light transmittance of the lens, finally affects the working power of the laser. Maintenance method: gently wipe the lens surface clockwise with absorbent cotton dipped in ethanol to wipe off dust. These techniques are very effective for the use of laser engraving machines. I believe everyone knows how to operate better after reading them.
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