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The water-cooled heat application of stone carving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Engraving machine engraving machine users all feel the same way, with long time will produce heat, at that time, the motor is too hot can cause some negative effects, we should consider how to heat dissipation. When the stone carving mechanical and electrical machine temperature is too high, you can choose the machine stopped to rest for a period of time, continue to work, you can also add in the thermal radiation inside the motor, to ensure that the heat emitted by in time. Below to introduce you to some heat little knowledge: electric heating temperature range depends on the insulation of the mechanical and electrical machine carving. General internal insulation under high temperature ( 130 degrees) Will be destroyed. As long as no more than 130 degrees Celsius, the motor will not damage, but this time, the surface temperature of 90 degrees. Therefore, the motor surface temperature in 70 - 80 degrees is normal. Simple temperature measurement point thermometer is useful, you can also determine roughly: 1 - 2 seconds, hand to touch, less than 60 degrees, hand touch, about 70, 80 degrees; Add a few drops of water gasification quickly, then 90 degrees. Engraving machine of heat also is very important, commonly used have a passive cooling and water cooling. For small power machine, you can use the passive cooling to solve. Using the temperature difference between the ambient temperature and equipment and natural cooling, which is simple and low cost. Suitable for small power, short time work equipment heat dissipation. Cooling is more extensive, most are also use this heat. Cooling fan blow away the heat and quickly cooling. But the air-filled also has many defects. Working long hours, for example, noise is very big. And easy to accumulate dust, which leads to the heat dissipation effect. Water cooling is the core in heating surface and a heat cold header, can through the water flow, so as to carry away the heat cooling effect. Or outside is equipped with a water cooling device, working principle and the former one. Water-cooled disadvantage is that the cost is high. Advantage is that the cooling effect is quite good, and will not be dust. Along with the increase in high-power engraving machine, heat dissipation problems have become increasingly serious, water-cooled heat as a new trend in the field of heat dissipation, will play a more and more important role.
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