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The characteristics and application scope of high-speed machine

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Popular speaking, the high speed machine is in than ordinary machine work speed can improve a device; With advanced injection molding machine technology, combined with high-end mold design and manufacturing concept, mature and efficient injection molding process, providing customers with a full range of solutions. So what is the distinguishing feature of high speed machine, and can be used in which industry? By below small make up to introduce: the characteristics of high speed machine, high-speed machine has stable structure, high precision, cover an area of an area small, the characteristics of the processing speed, and the shaft fast moving speed is high, the surface of the processed products excellent results. High precision machine tool lathe bed and all natural granite, beams and part components, which can effectively prevent machine tool vibration; High-speed machine adopts full seal protection structure, prevent dust and other sundry into precision driving part, make its durable, enclosed sheet metal with dust above the orifice, convenient installation of dust removal and odor removal equipment; X, Y, Z three axis adopt high precision imported linear guide rail, it has strong load bearing capacity. Application: application of high speed machine industry: is there a gift industry, the advertising industry, the seal industry, wood processing industry, construction, tooling mold industry, automobile industry, etc. ; Applied materials: metal, stone, PVC board, ABS board, acrylic and so on various materials.
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