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Practical stone engraving machine How long does it take to engrave tombstone?

by:Transon     2020-03-03
The carving effect of stone engraving machine is very good. We can see the products carved by stone engraving machine in many places. Take tombstones as an example, most of the tombstones we see are carved with stone engraving machines, and the general effect is very good. How long does it take to carve tombstones with stone engraving machines? How long will it take for a stone engraving machine to engrave a tombstone? How long will it take for a stone engraving machine to engrave a tombstone? Stone engraving machine is suitable for construction industry, stone industry and tombstone industry. We adhere to the principle of quality first and service above. All employees warmly welcome customers to visit the company. Can be applied to natural stone, marble, granite, milestones, ceramic tiles, carpentry and other text and pattern carving. Rapid carving of granite stele, plaque lettering and pattern line carving; Marble, sandstone and other natural stone relief, hollow out and other stone crafts carving. Recently, some customers often ask the same question, choose stone engraving machine to carve tombstone, how long can we finish it? Here, Minglong engraving machine experts give you a talk, for your reference to order Stone engraving machine to carve stone tablets, the general speed is not very fast, especially for Granite, Marble speed is slightly faster; Sand Rock, white marble, artificial stone will be faster, and artificial stone can be cut. The user's carving experience proves that the stone engraving machine engrave a 9015 tombstone for about 1 hour and 40 minutes for granite stone and one hour for marble, with a carving depth of about 3mm. The above is an introduction to the time required to use the stone engraving machine to carve the tombstone. If you have any questions about other aspects, you can also consult yourself.
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