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Ningbo small CNC engraving machine advantage in where

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Ningbo small CNC engraving machine has the following advantages: 1, simple and easy, convenient interface. Ningbo CAD drawings of small CNC engraving machine through conversion software automatically generated feeding trajectory, automatic recognition and cutting, automatic generation into the lead. Reasonable sorting, inner hole is preferred. Priority for cutting single parts, can use a special cutting closed graph. Strip cutting, the most effective to reduce the thermal deformation. To import type3, Master CAM, Pore, domestic CAXA, wen's software interface, etc. Slotted automatic compensation, aided nesting, automatic sorting, continuous bulk cutting. Automatic speed, automatic identification of cutting starting point, curve smooth speed, improve the cutting precision. Buy U disk, inside and outside file through the external usb drive into the built-in usb flash drive. Even if the power is, data is not lost. The data stored by means of compression code, greatly improve the storage quality. Random encryption methods, to ensure data security. 2, ningbo small CNC engraving machine is easy to operate, convenient maintenance. Friendly interface, Chinese HanXian, random prompt operation method, the keyboard is simple, quick operation, be clear at a glance. Interface lamp can directly provide fault diagnosis. 3, ningbo small CNC engraving machine are inexpensive, compact structure. Reasonable arrangement of space saving, strong compact structural design, making CNC engraving machine run more smoothly, cutting quality guarantee. 4, increase the anti-interference processing of CNC engraving machine, the maximum to avoid failure.
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