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Learn some new skills, daily row type in machining center repair skills!

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Again good equipment, also can appear fault, today will give you explain a discharge type machining center tool changer breakdown maintenance skills. Spindle's tight knife suddenly lost signal lead to a halt, X, Y still walk, at this time to modify the PLC program or adjust the knife switch, the pressure is normal, check whether tight knife solenoid valve normal work at the same time. Users use the tool length corrections, but choose the plane when the choice is G17 plane. There is something wrong with the user program. Fanuc 0 I check whether the parts signal has been lost or adjust the tool clamping switch. : 2, the knife dish cannot turn the reason may be that knife library motor thermal protector action, or the brake did not open, or the knife dish transmission is too heavy, can check whether electric cabinet thermal protection tripping, if the electric is normal, may be a mechanical failure. General cutter disc drive bearing too dirty or rusty can appear stuck phenomenon, appears the motor temperature is too high, the knife dish go motionless, tool change button LED is not shown. The motor power supply is normal, whether the rotation. Relay is working correctly, line whether there is empty. Hope the above method you will pay attention to, after one thousand days need! If you are in our jinan jia bang CNC purchase equipment of the above problems, can give us a call, we are jinan jia bang CNC can send professional personnel to repair equipment to you!
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