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Laser marking machine have a variety of industries

by:Transon     2021-01-11
, with the continuous development of science, people living standard rise, to the requirement of immediate material also will increase, consumers no longer focus exclusively on a product is difficult to use and easy economic, over a long period of time. Need more beautiful and easy, the grade of high-end. Application of laser marking technology, which makes the products: label on product copy more fine, clear, wear-resistant, because of its special effect, widely used in the following, television, cars, clothes, pants, shoes, hats, gold and silver jewelry, shoes, glasses, computer keyboard, brand LOGO, a variety of refrigerator washing machine, etc.

1 laser marking machine is suitable for all kinds of non-metal and metal materials, for wood, cloth, plastic, most of the non-metallic materials such as paper, glass, and in the painted metal packaging material with a significant advantage. And laser marking machine products will not cause abrasion and extrusion, marking the effect is more delicate and beautiful, feel more comfortable.

2, laser marking is also used in various electronic products. Consumers to buy mobile phones at the same time, pay more attention to the impact of the mobile phone appearance, from logo to carved lines, to the following, each piece every technological artifacts is inseparable from the laser marking; Watch also is so, complex server-assisted texture, can only make laser marking this exquisite effect.

3 laser marking machine, its free maintenance, high flexibility, high reliability, etc, especially suitable for precision, depth and smoothness to demand higher areas, not just wood or metal, leather in the same complex smooth surface, such as stone plastic class can be used as laser marking.

4 laser marking machine has its outstanding advantages, in the global industry. It from mobile phones, clothing, glasses, electronics, automobile, wood, furniture, bags, wide coverage, as long as look, where are the shadow of the laser marking machine!
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