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How to repair the engraving machine when it fails?

by:Transon     2020-03-29
Engraving Machine is a modern machine used for engraving and making templates. At present, many engraving machines have added relatively advanced electronic control technology and automation technology, which can help engraving machines to carve more accurately. The structure of some engraving machines is not very complicated, but with the passage of time, certain problems will inevitably occur. Therefore, if you can master a little mechanical maintenance method, you can better find the problem and carry out maintenance. Once there is a problem with the engraving machine, the first step we should do is to judge which part of the problem occurs. Sometimes the problem is the original part inside the engraving machine, but sometimes it is the external mechanical problem. We can first look at whether the bearing in the engraving machine can rotate. If not, it may be that there is a certain problem with the drive unit matched with this bearing. Just replace this drive unit. If all the bearings do not move, there may be some problems with the motor responsible for driving the whole. Or the line connected to the motor was interrupted. Just need to change the line. When the engraving machine is running, the motor sometimes emits excessive heat. At this time, you need to check whether the cooling system of the motor you are using is in normal operation, whether the cooling water has leaked. For the more common problems in the operation of these engraving machines, we should be able to find out the specific problems through preliminary observation and carry out simple treatment.
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