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How to operate engraving machine type3 path optimization?

by:Transon     2020-04-10
Type3 is the most common software for engraving machines, and many people should know this very well. In addition, Type3 is an essential software in engraving machine. Engraving Machine Type3 has certain path optimization, and then Xiaobian will introduce the path optimization of engraving machine. Type3 is also an all-round software solution to solve the graphic design requirements of woodworking industry; Type3 software has powerful functions and flexibility to solve all professional carving problems. Type3 software adapts to the habits of designers, is easy to learn and use, and is an all-round Software for creativity and carving. So now many people are using type3 software for CNC woodworking engraving machine engraving relief process. There are many types of path settings for Type3. Here are some common path settings. Engraving Machine type3 path optimization: 1. In type3, press F10 to enter the option setting 2. In the calculation parameters, change the value of OP1 to 23. This can solve the problem that type3 is calculating the path, it will be carved one by one according to the arrangement of document words, instead of jumping. 4. Change the maximum limit of Z value to 20 or more 5, which can solve the minimum value of Z axis when outputting path < When 0, the path is not output. 6. When projecting, the Z value is above 0. The common path of TYPE3 is not layered engraving engraving machine: 1. The Edge line of the three-dimensional cutting path is with sharp corners considering the angle of the taper knife, use less; 2, two-dimensional cutting two-dimensional cutting path especially external cutting and internal cutting, often used to do words; 3. The drawing path takes the center line. How to set the Type3 engraving software path for the line drawing engraving machine? 4. Two-dimensional carving is mainly used for carving breastplates, double color plates, and other ways of carving it: the outer frame gradually moves inward; 5, three-dimensional carving is used to carve some crystal room cards, plaques, and the knife is the maximum depth of its knife way: can lift the knife to pull the foot to clear the corner can clear the bottom; 6. The result of scanning and carving is similar to that of 'scanning' and 'two-dimensional carving'. The only difference is that its way of passing the knife is to go back and forth left and right, suitable for bigger words and larger machines; 7. The only difference between 'concave carving' and 'three-dimensional carving' is that it will automatically measure the depth according to the thickness of the font strokes without clear bottom. However, not all the depths can be used. If the strokes of some words are very wide, the depth will exceed the depth of the material, so it cannot be used. Engraving Machine type3 edit relief path: click TYPEART, prompt the selection area to press enter to enter the menu, enter the interface to enter the Z-direction curve height value, press OK to generate a relief file, after selecting the fairing function, select the CAM key to enter the tool editing function menu, click to create a tool path group, find the relief group from the catalog, and select the relief word, after the system prompts to name the file to be saved, save it and enter the selected knife menu, select the tool to be used, and then press Enter. How do engraving machines set the path of Type3 engraving software? The machine automatically generates the path, enters the tool path table menu and presses the right mouse button to find the machine working option. After entering, select the start file path and generate it. The file that comes out is *. U00 file, if you use Weihong to send the file suffix U00 to PLT, you can use it. The above is the optimization path of engraving machine Type3 summarized by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope that the summary of Xiaobian can bring some help to everyone.
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