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How to choose and buy bulls woodworking engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Long wood carving machine for clients to improve the production efficiency, reduce the capital investment. But the purchasing bull engraving machine is a skill. As a buyer, may know that you have this requirement, but the specific procurement which, how many money, buy from which manufacturer, is don't understand. Is the wood carving factory house in the process of communication, were struck by the sales staff sales strategy, buy may not be entirely suitable for their own equipment. Wuxi payment letter for woodworking engraving machine customer demand, summarizes some strategies of choose and buy only supply your reference. 1, choose a few engraving head. Long is a general concept, to purchase, must be the first to make sure. As a customer, do not know how many a head carving processing speed, as a manufacturer sales, don't know how customer's processing capacity. General engraving machine processing speed at about 15 meters, also is one minute to draw a straight line is 15 meters long, everybody can think about, a few head right. Know your actual processing capacity, can not be around factory workers, several size, for sure, just a few. 2, carving machine spindle power of choice. A lot of people think that the greater the power, strength, the greater the processing speed faster, the better the results. This is a common mistake is wrong, especially in woodworking multi-head carving machine. Engraving machine z axis bearing capacity is limited, the greater the spindle, the greater the weight, the smaller the machining accuracy. According to machining and processing effects, want right amount. Generally speaking, 1. 5 kw / 800 w / 2。 2 kw power is often seen, if the processing materials, high hardness, can be appropriately chosen, for high accuracy requirement, had better choose 800 w. 3, the size of the machine. This should consider the batch processing, processing of panel size problem. The appropriate carving machining dimension, the efficiency of the machine, the price has a vital role. For example: four head machine, each processing board to 10 cm, then 1. 3 * 2. The size of the 2 m perfectly adequate. But as you know, every time may be the size of the processing is different, the next 60 cm of workpieces, obviously four engraving head cannot be fully operational. So, according to the most commonly used size, considering the other common size, can only be established scientific woodworking bull the size of the engraving machine. 4, price. Come up to ask a lot of customers are like a, how much is this machine? Factory workers can't give you specific offer, usually given are the standard prices. The machine configuration is different, the price is different also. This according to their own ability and the pursuit of purchase. Configuration is super good, the price also is extremely expensive, if you want this, then choose the best. Most of customers still want to be decided according to the actual situation. 5, woodworking carving vendors would choose this major is according to the situation and production situation. Carving factory house much and miscellaneous, can produce perfect after-sale is a major index of the equipment and is responsible for the timely. 6, whether or not to to the factory to visit. The problem, as a manufacturer, it must be very welcome. As a customer, also should according to their own situation. Understanding of the machine, know manufacturers strength, how processing effect. If these don't know, better to visit!
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