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How should engraving machines choose cutting tools for processing different materials?

by:Transon     2020-03-22
Sometimes, although the engraving machine is chosen correctly, the effect of the user is always unsatisfactory when carving materials. There are hundreds of thousands of engraving machines, the selection of carving tools for different carving materials also has certain technical content. Here are some small suggestions: 1. Acrylic cutting processing, it is recommended to use a single-edged spiral milling cutter, which is characterized by smokeless and tasteless processing, fast speed, high efficiency, non-stick chips, and truly environmentally friendly. Its special manufacturing process ensures that acrylic processing does not burst, very fine knife pattern (Even no knife pattern), The surface is smooth and smooth. The machined surface needs to achieve the frosted effect, and it is recommended to use the double-edged and three-edged spiral milling cutter. Two. Density plate cutting processing (For advertising mold opening) , It is recommended to use double-edged large chip removal spiral milling cutter, which has two high-capacity chip removal Grooves. The double-edged design not only has good chip removal function, but also achieves good tool balance. When processing high-density board, no blackening, no cap smoke, long service life, etc. Three. For aluminum plate cutting, it is recommended to use single-blade special aluminum milling cutter. Non-stick knife during processing, fast speed and high efficiency. Four. Cork, density board, native wood, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, it is recommended to use single-edge spiral ball-end milling cutter. Five. Precision small relief processing, round bottom carving knife is recommended. Six. The upper and lower surfaces are cut without burrs. It is recommended to use single-blade and double-blade upper and lower cutting milling cutters. VII. For metal carving, it is recommended to use single-blade, double-blade straight groove flat-bottom sharp knife. Eight. High density board, solid wood is recommended to use ribbed milling cutter. Nine. 3D carving knife, with high concentricity and sharp cutting edge, can be used for precision 3D carving. Ten. Multi-layer board, splint processing, it is recommended to use double-edged straight slot milling cutter. Eleven. The use effect of the lower cutter, the upper surface of the processed product is free of burrs, and there is no rocker during processing. Twelve. Metal mold processing milling cutter, it is recommended to use tungsten steel milling cutter, the surface is plated with purple black hard titanium. Thirteen. Diamond carving knife is recommended for acrylic mirror carving. XIV. Multi-stripe milling cutter is recommended for roughing particleboard and so on.
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