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High speed engraving and milling machine power to use?

by:Transon     2020-04-20
Proposed recently by small make up for the customer doubt made finishing: high speed engraving and milling machine power good or poor iron works, or where one's own advantage is high speed computer gongs, namely computer gong the spindle speed accelerate, with the difference between an ordinary computer is here. Engraving and milling machine is not the same as computer gongs structurally, cutting, carving and milling machine is suitable for small do some aluminum, copper, and some small steel ah. Engraving and milling machine with computer gongs than power is a little bit small, the cost of the whole machine is a lot cheaper. Carving the computer gong dry milling function may not capable, computer gong capable, engraving and milling machine is not necessarily good. Each have advantages. If your product with carved milling function meet your requirements, there is no need to choose computer gongs. They also have bigger difference on the price. The processing of heat sink, I use the shenzhen sharp carving RD650, whole is good. The rigid precision is very good. The factory is really.
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