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High-speed CNC machine debugging specification is what?

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Believe that a lot of friends all know, high-speed CNC machine to the work environment in constant temperature 20 degrees Celsius, to ensure the working accuracy of machine tools. At the same time, it also requires high-speed CNC machine from forging equipment vibration source, away from electromagnetic interference; But few friends will know what CNC high speed machine debugging code is? 1. Debugging the program must beat G00 speed selector switch on the F0 block, make knives at a slower rate close to the workpiece, otherwise, once the wrong knife, cutting tool from the tool change very fast movement in G00 way to feed point, may be strong to collide and artifacts, let operators are confused about what to do, to eliminate danger; Instead, let the cutting tool at a slower speed is near, even if the wrong knife, operators also have plenty of time to adjust. 2. In the debugger, must make high-speed CNC machine is in a state of single step. The operator in high-speed CNC machine after executing a program section, must check again for the next segment of right and wrong and rationality, and make adjustments accordingly. 3. Program debugging process, the operator can put a finger in the circulation on the start button, another keep a finger on the loop button, so that in times of emergency can in time to stop the execution of the program. Keep in mind the location of the emergency button, so that a rainy day. 4. Using high-speed CNC machine comes, the features of the graphic simulation of machining before the automatic processing, to avoid program error, tool collision or chuck, workpiece can be graphical simulation for the whole process, check whether the tool path is correct. 5. High-speed CNC machine in the process of movement, the operator must always observe the change of cutter coordinates on the screen and the procedure of the sports coordinates and the coordinates of tool movement.
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