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High-speed carved open nc system of milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-21
High speed engraving and milling machine is a kind of numerical control machine tool, it is generally believed carving and milling machine is the use of small tools, high power and high speed CNC milling machine spindle motor. Engraving machine's advantage in carving, if processing material hardness is larger also can appear out of puff. The emergence of carving and milling machine can fill the gap between the two li. Engraving and milling machine can engraving and milling, is a kind of high efficiency and high precision nc machine tools. They now according to the control system mainly divided into two categories: 1, the control system based on motion controller, the structure of the system is based on general PC platform, as a plug-in ( The ISA or PCI bus) In the form of open movement controller as the core to build. To the PC as upper system software for numerical control functions such as man-machine interface, communication, motion controller is complete machine tool movement and control logic, the controller is controlled by special chip ( Such as DSP) To implement the motion control function. 2, an open CNC system software: this is a completely controlled by PC software of CNC system. The system is completely general computer standard application of the mainstream operating system, it will motion controller in the form of application software implementation, provide users with maximum selectivity and flexibility, is a new open architecture numerical control system, will become the mainstream of the new generation CNC system.
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